And they all lived happily ever after!

Dogs in their Furever homes

                      All of the dogs below are Balto dogs which have the support of Balto & Co for the                                rest of their lives. These are the lucky ones however, who have found love and                                          landed on their paws in their happily ever after homes too. 

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Love the dogs of Balto & Co Dog Rescue
  1. Badger
    Badger is a husky x malamute who is coming up 2 years old and was our first dog into rescue and is now very happy with his family, having been officially adopted recently.
  2. Mika
    Mika is a Husky X Malamute and is 3 years old came to us our 3rd Balto dog and had health issues. When he found his hooman he has improved dramatically and can honestly say, its the best demonstration of what the right home can do to a dog. Mika was adopted in January and we are thrilled for the big man!
  3. Loki
    Loki is a husky x malamute and coming up 2 years old and was the second dog into rescue and a littermate of Badgers, He is now in his FURever home and very happy.
  4. Max
    Max is a Staffy x Jack Russell Terrier and was our 4th dog into rescue and had a lot of issues. We were advised numerous times by vets and behaviorists to put Max to sleep. Thousands of pounds later, Max now has found his happily ever after with his Hoodad and its a day at times we thought we would never see. We are beyond ecstatic that Max has been rehabilitated and can live happily in an adoption home.
  5. Bonnie
    Bonnie is a British Bulldog X and approximately 3 years old came to us in appalling condition, severely underweight and over bred. The vet stated that should she have one more litter it WOULD kill her. Bonnie went into foster care, where she was neutered vaccinated and underwent skin complaint treatment and the family fell in love with her. She has now been adopted by her foster carers and they are all extremely happy as are we at her progress and overjoyed she now has a place to call home furever. Congratulations Bonnie!
  6. Damien
    Damien is a Husky who is approximately 18 months old. He was in the process of coming into rescue, when he was hit by a car. He came into rescue that night, giving all the staff a heart attack ( Thanks Damien) and luckily was no more than Bumped and badly bruised. He was named Demon before he came into rescue however we didn't like the connotations that went with that, so we asked the public for a new name. In the meantime he was nicknamed Dildo! (one of our founders isn't right in the head) The public and his new family decided Damien was to be his new name. Damien is now happily adopted and has a lovely fur-sister who he loves cuddling with. Be happy gorgeous boy!
  7. Missy - (was Athena)
    Missy - (was Athena)
    Missy is a Husky x Malamute who is approximately 2 years old. She has now been adopted after she stole her heart of her behaviourist. Way to go Missy! Be happy gorgeous girl
  8. Jack
    Jack is a Malamute who is 8 years old and has been adopted by one of our founders. Jack stole the heart of our founder and ensured that he would stay! Clever boy chose Sue and her family and nothing we did would change that! Who are we to argue with that. Be happy gorgeous boy!
  9. Custard ( was Jasper)
    Custard ( was Jasper)
    Custard has been adopted, however the police seized him under BSL. Luckily after the DLO assessed him he was deemed not type, and was allowed to return home. There have been some issues with Custard, where hes acted out of fear, however now under a new behaviour contract we hope he will now feel safe and secure and no more issues will come to light.
  10. Tally ( Now Maxi)
    Tally ( Now Maxi)
    Tally came to us when we were asked to help by a pound puller we work with. Tally had been in boarding kennels trying to secure a rescue space for months and no rescue would help her. We stepped up. On taking her into our fold, it became evident she was previously from a foreign dog rescue. We called the rescue and discussed Tally at length. It was agreed between us that Tally would stay with us as she was settled, however had this not have been the case the foreign rescue would have happily taken her back. Its working relationships with other rescues such as this that allows more dogs to be saved. Tally is happily adopted and her adopted mum and dad are looking at getting a playmate for Tally.
  11. Echo
    Echo is now adopted and with a furever family. Echo is a young Husky x Malamute approximately 2 years old with severe Separation Anxiety. She is a neutered, Vaccinated, Microchipped Female and is currently in a rehabilitation program to combat her issues with being left on her own. Echo is good with other dogs and older dog savvy children.
  12. Riley
    Riley is now adopted and with a furever family. Riley is a Husky who is approximately 3 years old, and has a history of biting. He had bitten a member of the family he came from. Riley is now neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and is in a foster family. He has gone back to basics and puppy training to teach him whats acceptable behaviour and is dong fantastic, The family have reserved Riley to adopt. Hopefully he will have an official Furever home shortly.
  13. Nahla
    Nahla came to us from another rescue, as she was struggling in kennels. She now has found her happy ever after and is adopted by our very own Eurodog Mika..... they both travel the world with their adoptive dad and he adores the pair of them. It hasnt all been plain sailing but theyve worked hard to overcome issues and Nahla is one happy contented dog. We couldnt be more thrilled. Your happy ever after starts here baby be good!
  14. Shadow
    Shadow was only a baby when he came to us. He is a husky x malamute so a lot of rescues wouldnt take him because of his breed. He had also never been trained and basically been left to his own devices to figure out things for himself. Shadow has a very malamute side and plays like a malamute too. Selecting his happy ever after home was difficut and he spent quite some months in kennels waiting for the right family to come for him. He now has that, and with 2 two legged siblings now, he couldnt be happier. His adoptive family adore him and have worked through the issues he went with while he found his feet. This baby boy so needed this family, and judging by the updates we get they needed him also. Happy furever after baby! Be happy
  15. Simba
    Simba is approx 2 years old and came to us from a pound. He had served his 7 days and was on a put to sleep list. He had shown some aggression in kennels which made other rescues refuse to take him. We stepped up believing it was fear aggression and we are happy to say he has landed on his paws. He now lives in a pack of female dogs mostly huskies and is doing amazingly. In fact he is quite proud to be a part of the pack where the ladies dote on him. Be happy boy! your happy furever starts here.